best bike ever REVEALED!


Well here she is, only the coolest thing I own. This is the after picture and here is the before, did I not say this bike would end up being the pinnacle of awesome? I'm still planning on putting a rack on the front for carrying Uzo (and booze OBV) and sewing up some panniers for the rear, but since the major transformation is complete it seemed like time for the grand unveiling!

Here are my changes
- Switched the black rack to silver one
- Sweet ladies Brooks saddle
- I liked the original cockpit so instead of tearing the bar tape off to take it off and put new handlebars in I just got a new stem so switching it back to original if I ever want to is easy. The new stem is a vintage Nitto I nabbed at the AS220 bike swap this weekend for a wicked deal! It looks so good.
- Cruiser bars
- Elk hide bar wrap db got me as a gift to add the last bit of class. I feel bad but seriously, nothing beats leather and it's super nice. I thanked the elk and db.
- Clementines box! It's temporary but surprisingly cute. It was totally perfect for carrying the fruit we didn't eat and the frisbee we didn't play with haha. Luckily, it was just as effective at carrying the wallet that paid for our gigantic ice cream cone :)
- Net I made of leftover yarn from my oatmeal sweater today while I was waiting for db. It came out good right? I just made it up, it's way easier to make a silly little net than you'd think.
- Lastly, and likely most silly, are the cork bar ends! Db whittled them down so they'd fit. One is from a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and the other? Cook's Spumante, drink of the gods. Nothing like a little class/trash mix :)

So there it is, what I spend my valuable free time thinking about sometimes. Worth it! This spot was where db and I shared that enormous ice cream cone right off the bike path. It was awesome. Maybe more pics of our Memorial Day adventure tomorrow...


  1. your bike is so cute! I love the changes you made to it - especially the corks in the handlebars. I also have a bike with drop handlebars that I would like to eventually switch to cruiser bars. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. bikes are so fun aren't they? you can totally do cork bar ends in drop bars too if you can't wait until you do your cruiser bar switch :) just make sure you leave them a little big so they really jam in there, one of mine fell out already! i guess i just need to drink some more champagne haha