thar she blows!


So this is the before pic of the new whip! Nabbed this lovely lass at Legend after a year of waiting for me safely in the back NFS corner. I helped to set it up and designed a rad (in my opinion) window display around this bike last summer. I have always wanted a mixte! I wanted this bike immediately upon seeing it because it's my size which is pretty uncommon, it's in perfect condition (seriously) and it has all the technical bs required in a frame to make my end game vision for it possible. All that time I thought it was going to be a shop bike because sometimes they keep the especially cool ones. Well on my mad perfect mixte hunt I hadn't found a damn thing half as good as it, so longer story short, I stopped into the shop at close one day, had a beer with the guys and rode it home. SO EXCITED! I can't wait to get rid of that black rack though, silver all the way.

With any luck the after picture will be even more epic, this thing is so rad.

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  1. Where's puppy? Did you edit out the usual uzo-photobomb?