knitting again, it's not 1000 degrees!

Jo's 3.0 When I say this summer was the hottest summer ever, there is actual scientific proof it was. And it felt like it. And it was INTENSE.

But it's cooling off (barely) and finally there are signs of summer ending in the crickets singing, cooler evenings and late summer flowers and fruits. Day dreamzzz.

So here is a thing I'm knitting for my good friend Jo (as usual) and I'm loving every second of imaging a world where people will be able to wear something for warmth. I hope this finishes up quick because after having a new baby for a while and the whole summer thing, I've got quite the queue!Jo's 3.0



Untitled This summer was both absolutely amazing and kind of awful. We had some really lame luck with our house, some sadness and some stress, but we also had our amazing babe Seti experiencing all our favorite things for the very first time! And I've got to say it even though it's cliche, it was magical. It was so so cool taking him to the beach and to NH and showing him all the best of everything. His wide eyed wonder is so pure and beautiful. That kid is the shit. He's cooler than all of us. So that being said, here's our new beach family foot portrait.

Summer is good. I hope you all had an amazing one, too.



Spring rules. When I imagined having a kid, spring was what would come to mind. Teaching them about all the plants that are coming up, the flowers blooming, the new bird songs. It is just as nice as I imagined. Little man has already gotten to smell lilacs, feel lots of different leaves, play with bubbles and a pinwheel... so fun. Besides just hanging with him there has been a TON going on. Db travels for work a lot more now than ever before (go figure) so I'm on solo baby duty around the clock pretty often. Our house is slowly coming together finally which is nice. I'm trying not to beat myself up about it taking way longer than anticipated because only insane people move when they're 38 weeks pregnant. Of course there are still a few boxes stashed under the kitchen table 6 months later, but we're getting there. Last weekend we painted Seti's room and this coming weekend we'll paint the trim. Basically every paintable surface in this house needs to be painted which isn't the easiest thing to do when your kid only takes half hour naps all day long. I AM TRAPPED BY A NAP SCHEDULE. Even considering that we've had some nice spring moments; chillin' in the park, going for drizzle walks to watch the flowering trees shed their petals, getting dirt under our nails (Db isn't into that one but Uzo, Seti and I are), general yard hangs.

Spring is the best. I leave you with a petal river on the annual prettiest rainy day of the year.


swamp thang: an ugly sweater love story

Swamp Thang Babies grow SO FAST. Or maybe it's just my little beast, not sure. Either way Seti was growing out of his perfect little baby sweater so I decided to just knit him a newer bigger one before he was caught out with nothing to wear. I used yarn leftover from a pair of mini-legwarmers from a few years back and some other leftovers from a hat I knit Db this winter and just realized I never posted about. This is my jam lately, use up all my stash yarn, try not to buy any more. After moving this past November I got to reorganize my stash and it fits beautifully into its new spot, no room for a single new bag. Also, making something using leftovers is kind of like getting free yarn somehow.

Anyways, here's his new sweater. Nice and clashy, same pattern as his first, looks cute as hell. DONE.

Baby Girl Fair Isle Cardigan - Purl Soho
Malabrigo Sock - Turner
Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light - Button Jar Blue Swamp Thang


a cowl. for my mom. made out of yarn. that is late for a holiday.

Dat dere cowl Late gift? From me?


Gift punctuality is not my forte, I can't deny it. However, this cowl is pretty rad and in my defense I've been caring for an infant and trying not to fall asleep by accident. Knitting anything worth blogging about and actually getting around to blogging about it? HA. I daydream about knitting but when I finally have a free minute I usually crash and burn.

Anyways, this is my good ol' classic cowl pattern with a second color thrown in there because my current favorite thing is double stranding. It looks like a candy cane and will go nicely with my Mom's red coat. It may be two months after Christmas but it's still cold out right? RIGHT? This time of year is the only time I actively hope the weather doesn't break because I'm like "I can't be giving people knit goods in the spring, MUST BEAT THE CHANGING OF THE SEASONS." I never learn.

Maybe the solution is to just start knitting holiday gifts in like, March. Is that how everyone else does it?

Cowl pattern - my own
Berroco Peruvia Quick in Blanco
Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in Neon Red
cowl for ma



I would like to formally introduce Db and my brand new KID!

In November Db, Uzo and I welcomed a new member of the fam, Seti, cutest dude ever. He already owns a motorcycle and doesn't care that purple "is a girl color".

He's a cool little creature, he's already mastered the Silveira stink-eye. He popped out being able to make this face and he shoots it my way when I'm doing just about anything. That's my boy! He also was born with a full head of hair which is not at all shocking but amusing anyways. I think it's going to be curly and insane like mine! Kid is going to have some hilarious haircuts. I like him, he's alright. Fun to dress, way huge for his age and smiles a lot, INTO IT. Little man is doomed to be dressed ridiculous until he's old enough to do something about it though, it's a price we've all paid and he's no exception. There will be lots of "MOM WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!" in my future. That mean's I'm doing it right, right?

Welcome to the shit show little dude!


socks for the man

Db's socks Db managed to totally blow out the last socks I knit him and neither of us noticed until they were pretty far gone. He needed a new pair anyways so no big loss (even though I really liked them). Hey, what can you do? I darned them with contrasting yarn for fun thinking it wouldn't work out, they were horribly ruined, but it worked! Still though, time for some new ones.

This time I decided to make him a pair with SweetGeorgia Tough Love Sock so they'd have some nylon mixed in there and hopefully hold up a bit better. He chose such a nice color! And of course it doesn't hurt that it matches one of my yarn bowls perfectly. He wants a plain pair but I like dpns… wish me luck! I have a bad feeling about the ladders on this particular endeavor. I see myself giving it an honest shot and then ripping them out and using magic loop, the bane of my knitting existence.

The things I will do for that man.


pit stop

Being a weird local
Well, sometimes you're walking right past the Liberty Bell to get to the nearest metro station. I'm not sure if anything besides the urge to do something pointless drove me into the building, but I just walked in, took one selfie, and then loudly giggled the whole way out of the building to continue on my walk to the metro. I didn't even look at the bell. It's broken anyways! It's not even broken for some good or interesting reason, it was just made shitty. Seriously, look it up it's ridiculous.

I like being a local here, WE HAVE MORE FUN DAMNIT.


stash, be my bitch! baby sweater victory.

Bug warmer This project feels like it barely counts as something I made because of how accidental the whole process of its creation was. Just scrolling through my friends page on ravelry I saw the pattern, looked at the yarn requirements, walked downstairs to my stash and nabbed some leftovers to make it with and then cast it on within 20 minutes. It worked up so fast it was practically done before I even realized it. Four days of barely working on it! Baby clothes are great for that sort of thing. I guess that's what happens when you have a momentarily empty yarn bowl and a fairly extensive stash.

The idea of a short sleeved sweater seemed pretty smart to me because then maybe it will stay out of the way of drool a little longer? I don't know, maybe babies are messier than that… I guess we'll find out. It seems like a good layering piece and it took like five damn seconds to make and zero dollars of new supplies so it's a win win. Something from nothing! My fave. Plus it's not really ugly so there's that, too.

Bug Warmer by Tiaga Hillard Designs
Madelinetosh Tosh Chunky in Holi Festival Bug warmer


blanket: done AF

Mosaic blanket Just to start, no longer going to title posts "dirty doz" because like 90% of what I post about is things I am making or have made so it's kind of redundant at this point. However I'll still be tagging posts with it so they can be searched by year and craft.

Anyways, finished this dude a few weeks back, although I wasn't really sure how to take pics of it. I'm into it! It was meant to be a bit smaller, but with blankets I'm assuming bigger will be better in the end anyways right? I can't use it for what it was originally intended for but it's a blanket, it will get use either way I'm sure.

Really easy knit, super cushy end product, fun to look at. Win!

Mosaic Blanket by Purl Soho
Malabrigo Chunky Merino in Tiger Lily and Jacinto Mosaic blanket



So, big news… we bought a house! Right after we stopped looking for the season, Uzo begged for a walk and I saw the sign on this beaut right across from the park and community garden the day it went up! Every time Db or I see a new for sale sign go up in our neighborhood we take note and look it up together because it's fun to see inside all the local houses and even more fun to laugh at how absurd the prices are around here. Like $799k for a totally run down fixer upper? 1.25m for an ugly as hell and poorly laid out new condo? HA. So yeah, usually it's just entertainment.

Well not this time! This time when we looked it up not only was it a lot less expensive than most other homes in our area, but it has a big yard, the inside is actually done mostly nice and doesn't need very much major work, and the location is IDEAL. Like what? Then, by chance yet again, Uzo wanted another walk and it happened to be during the open house for it that weekend (mere hours after looking it up on Zillow) and I practically dragged Db inside to investigate. Good fucking call, because now we have a house! The whole situation kind of reminds me of how I convinced Db to get Uzo. Like there's no right time for this, but HE'S THE ONE! He chose us, and now he chose our damn house too. Smart dog went and got himself a yard.

It rules. We love it. So thanks to Uzo's very well timed walk begging, all of us get to live in a totally rad little home in the city. So excited to make it ours :)


dirty doz: one day baby hat

Rad beanie for Switchblade!Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails- Neon Peach- Antler- Button Jar Blue- Edison Bulb Baby hats.

They're those things that you will get endlessly scolded for not putting on your baby, can be made with little to no material/time and for whatever reason THERE ARE NO PATTERNS FOR PLAIN OLD RIBBED ONES. I'm all about knitting bunny ears onto things and other ridiculously pointless endeavors but how can there possibly be a dearth of plain ribbed fingering weight baby hat patterns when there are literally thousands of baby hat patterns on ravelry? It's like most knitters seem to have a stash of rudely small balls of sock yarn leftovers from tons of projects and knitting something small with them would be the perfect way to accomplish many things knitters tend to value; stash busting, making space for more yarn, saving money to spend on more yarn, the general feeling of industriousness and self satisfaction that comes from making something useful from seemingly nothing. Baby hats seem a natural solution.

So here is my super rad, hi viz, color block baby beanie!

I wrote a pattern for a very cute, very plain, very easy and very leftover fingering weight friendly baby hat. It knit up in one day and will supposedly fit from newborn to about 5 months based on average baby head measurements (thank you google!). The stretchiness of 1x1 ribbing and the fold over brim being able to be adjusted will make it an easy one to grow with babe's rapidly growing head rather than knitting multiple hats. Another fun part? If you're not into using leftovers or don't have any, it's absolutely perfect for using four Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails which are inexpensive, come in really fun colors and are very soft aka baby approved. I used the ones I had leftover from this sweater. Also, double stranding is cool, I'd never done it before! Db likes how it came out so much he asked me to knit him one just like it. :) That's how you know something has turned out good!

Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails in Neon Peach, Antler, Button Jar Blue and Edison Bulb
Rad beanie for Switchblade!Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails- Neon Peach- Antler- Button Jar Blue- Edison Bulb And a progress shot just because I think the pic came out so nice. Rad beanie for Switchblade!Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails- Neon Peach- Antler- Button Jar Blue- Edison Bulb


dirty doz: something sewn (with a pompom for good measure)

Wool bonnet Right when I decide I'm no sewer, I sew something.

I'm going to be totally honest about this one, I discovered a brand of bonnets on my instagram popular page, fell in love, then did my best to recreate it. When I saw it I was like, I can make that! I have more fabric stash and time than bonnet money and went on the hunt for a pattern. Lo and behold, Purl Bee had a free pdf template for a sunbonnet. So with some printing, stash digging and the mandatory heavy modifications I always seem to make this bonnet was born. Cost? $0. The lining is scraps of my favorite fabric ever Mum Toss by Martha Negley, which I ration almost to a fault, the outer is an undyed wool from Dorr Woolen Mills and the pompom was leftovers from a cowl I made for a friend. Not sure how practical a huge pompom on a baby's head will be but it'll be easy enough to cut off if it's really in the way. It's just so damn cute I couldn't help myself. I was vacillating between this size pom and the size smaller and was like "Fuck it!!! Babies are supposed to look ridiculous!"

This was an incredibly easy project. I knocked it out in one afternoon, even with all the winging it and making bias tape freehand. I just hope it fits!

And to give credit where credit is due, if you simply must have a super cute bonnet like this but can't sew (or just don't want to), the company that makes the inspiring bonnet is Briar Handmade. I'm seriously considering nabbing one of the Winter Floral ones because it is so unbelievably adorable.

Sewing isn't that bad!


dirty doz: almost black legwarmers

Some cloudy day legwarmersMadelinetosh sport - Duchess
Finished these SO FAST. However actually taking pics of them? Not the easiest thing to remember. I love this pattern, love love love. Currently sitting a mere three feet from me under the couch is a skein of Neon Peach waiting to be turned into yet another pair. Whatevs guys, I'm going to have a cozy winter.

Some Cloudy Day by Tiny Owl Knits
Madelinetosh Sport in Duchess
Some cloudy day legwarmersMadelinetosh sport - Duchess


dirty doz: *not quite as ugly as intended* baby sweater

fair isle cardi So I learned how to do Fair Isle correctly so that's cool.

I was just scoping baby sweater patterns using fingering weight to try and eat up some stash and stumbled upon this pattern by Purl Soho. It seemed like the perfect way to use some long forgotten leftovers from my Lauren cardigan aka: the single project that got me into knitting for real. Plus I could throw a few Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails in there for added color excitement? YUP. Db and I went online and chose the most garish colors we could and this sweater was born. It only took a little over a week to knit up (hell yeah for babies being small!) and I'm really into how it turned out even though it's not nearly as clashy and hideous as I was anticipating. It's still cute! I'm considering a matching hat or bonnet but so far haven't found the right pattern.

The pattern for the sweater however…

Did not like.

I'm not usually such a hater on patterns but this was just too annoying to work on to not mention it. The way the sleeves are attached? Super strange. It's knit from the bottom up which was surprising to me also. Overall, I like how it turned out but didn't like actually making it all that much. Just being honest. Not many other people mentioned this in their Ravelry notes though so maybe it's just me. However, when I buy a pattern from the place that has the best online technique tutorials out there AND it's costs $8 for a pdf… I expect it to be less nebulous than this pattern is.

Anyways, overall success! Can't wait to put it on an actual human baby, I'm sure it'll be endlessly cuter that way!

Baby Girl Fair Isle Cardigan by Purl Soho
Louet Gems Fingering in Goldenrod
Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails in Neon Peach, Button Jar Blue, Edison Bulb and Antlerfair isle cardi fair isle cardi
This last one is how I felt about knitting the damn thing. What. A. Mess.
Sweater from hell