made it.

Untitled We made it to England! And have internet finally! And our bikes arrived yesterday! And in the midst of everything we went to NORWAY!

My life is a charmed mess if that combination is even possible.

There's so much that has happened between Philly on the 26th and England today that I can't even imagine how long a "what I have been doing for a month" post would be. I've sewn two dresses, been to 5 countries in 7 days, gotten really good at currency conversions in my head and calculating what time it is back home, eaten terrible pizza and tons of weird but amazing candy, forgotten my knitting on my parents' living room floor before my flight… the list goes on.

Now time to get on my lovely, much missed bike to go investigate the local yarn shops. Let's see if I can get my hands on some Bluefaced Leicester wool! Man, keeping it local in the fiber realm here is going to rock.


hey hey rhode island

First stop, last stop: the beach.



Because I shouldn't be one of only two humans who were lucky enough to see this bouquet. Have a great weekend!


summer, it's the real deal.

This weekend is going to be full of packing and other unforeseen moving related foolishness, so we're going to eat strawberries, have a few drinks and power though it.

I hope you all have a good one, the first day of summer ain't nothin' to shake a stick at!


new adventure!

Hey all, sorry I've been truly shitty at posting fun things lately. Truth be told I have some crazy stuff going on and we are in the process of…

moving to England for 6 months!

Db and I got a really cool opportunity and jumped at it! We got very little notice and now are kind of scrambling to get everything ready to go, as is evident by most of my houseplants in the "loading area" that is my studio before boxing them up and driving them north to my parents' this past weekend. Our house feels so quiet and empty without them!

So there it is, insanity is on its way! Don't worry though, in between the insane number of things we have to do to prepare I have made time to pick out a few cool knitting projects to stowaway in my luggage, special for England. Best parts? Weekend trips all over Europe and England's generally shitty weather will never make it too hot to knit. Knitting season year round!

I'm so excited to share our adventure with you guys, we have no idea what to expect but we know two things, it will be weird and awesome, and the candy and soda in Europe RULES. Priorities!


new post for Philly Pedals!

I wrote a new article for a local bicycle website, Philly Pedals, about how to dress for cycling in ever-changing spring conditions! It was posted a while ago and I have no idea how I managed to miss it, but here it is… better late than never! While it is written about riding bikes, it really applies to all outdoor activities. Also, you know me, I'm not about buying tons of super specific gear or caring about "looking the part" when doing anything so you don't have to worry about "WEAR LYCRA" being a paragraph header. If you'd like to read my two cents about how to keep comfortable outside when the weather doesn't know what it's going to do from one second to the next give it a read! Totally good information for picnics, riding rainbow colored ponies, eating at an outdoor table when you should really have probably sat inside…


the little things

This lovely place in which I live is full of the most interesting urban decay, combinations of colors and guerrilla art. Sometimes you just need to pick yourself up a flower though, something beautiful and soft to contrast all the beautiful and harsh. This is the alley to my house. Which is nicer to look at? Hard to tell, but the flower I can bring inside with me…


summer reading

A month or so ago I was thinking about how so few people read anymore. When's the last time you were having a conversation with someone and they said "I just finished this book and…" or "I'm reading this book about -something-, you should totally check it out it's blowing my mind."? That doesn't happen all that often and it's a shame. It's funny that it's so easy to think that no one reads anymore though, because you're reading this right now, and most of us are reading facebook, twitter, instagram, buzzfeed, snippets of this and that and half baked opinion articles all day long. We as a culture probably read more now than we did 15 years ago but it seems like no one can read anything longer than 500 words. I also thought about how the high school I went to didn't assign me any classics of modern literature, and instead had me read and analyze at least four different Shakespeare plays. Like how is that relevant? And how the hell did I have the gaul to blame my literary ignorance on my HIGH SCHOOL? That was over ten years ago, how lazy of me.

So I made a "summer reading list".

So far I've read Lord of the Rings by Tolkien and Animal Farm by Orwell (which I killed in a day). Currently I'm reading The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedman, which sadly isn't as dated as it should be considering it's about a woman's place in our culture and was written over 50 years ago. It's pretty amusing to read a book about feminism and then knit though, because very few people realize you can be a feminist and also like cooking dinner, baking cookies and knitting. Feminism shouldn't be the other F word like it seems to be. Next up I have 1984 by Orwell and Cannery Row by Steinbeck.

I've added books I have always wanted to read or thought I should have read, and asked a few friends for their must reads, too. Now I'm asking what are your must reads? Throw some love down in the comments and we'll all know what the next books we want to read will be, I'd love to know what books you'd recommend!

So guys, I just finished reading Animal Farm, you should totally check it out because it blew my mind...


dirty doz '14: effortless

It's spring! So what am I doing? Knitting an overly floppy, DK weight cardigan. This is going to be Effortless by Hannah Fettig. This cardigan has been on my radar since the pattern came out, so when I woke up on my birthday to discover my fellow fiber crafting cousin Alice had gifted me the pattern pdf I was so amped! I wanted to order the yarn and cast on right away but you know how that goes, it's a slippery slope down to having ten works-in-progress at once. So now that I've finished up a few projects it was finally time to cast this baby on, summer weather be damned! The color is Tomato by Madelinetosh because why the hell not?

The other day I was wondering about how other crafters choose colors for their projects. Do you choose colors that you know you can wear with the most of the rest of your clothing? Colors that just seem right for the particular garment regardless of how much you'll be able to wear it? Neutrals so you can wear the things you make the maximum amount because you spent all this time making them so you better wear them a bunch? Maybe you buy yarn for a type of garment and then hunt down the pattern to use after? The way I choose is I imagine myself wearing the finished piece, then do a little run down of the colors I'm considering and choose whichever seems like it will be the most fun to wear, like if I saw it in a store would I be like "Someone came up with this JUST FOR ME. Who's reading my mind?!" Added bonus is it usually ends up being a fun color to look at the whole time knitting it, too.

So what are your color choosing thoughts and methods? It's a huge part of crafting but no one ever talks about it!


new glassessss

Untitled Good glasses rule. In my whole life I've only tried on a pair of glasses and been like "THESE ARE THE ONES" twice, and this pair was one of them. The last pair I felt like that about I wore everyday until I literally wore out the temples and couldn't have them replaced which was the start of my contact lens era…almost ten years ago.

These frames are by Rapp Eyewear, designed and made in Toronto. They make super limited run fucking wild frames, these are the style "Cortelyou". The temples and details are titanium, so now guys will even think they're cool. The shape is so sharp and strong but still really feminine, very into it. They had so many colors but this creme was by far the most rad. I have been wanting creme glasses for YEARS, it was meant to be. I think I've finally found my spirit frames.


because, flowers.

Nothing beats spring. Growing up I got to walk past a huge lilac bush everyday on my way to and from school, and now I get to walk past a huge lilac bush everyday on Uzo's walk. I can smell them from down the street, it absolutely rules.


dirty doz '14: WELT POCKETS

Untitled Denim vests. They're fun and stupid and one of those things I've always wanted because they're fun and stupid. So I finally caved and got one only to realize when it arrived that 1- the color was way too matchy with my jeans and 2- IT HAD NO POCKETS. Seriously, a dress without pockets I can forgive, but a denim vest? No. So its transformation began. I bleached it along with some jeans legs a friend gave me when he made some shorts and I decided to try to put some pockets in it myself. I knew there was a good chance of failure but hey, I wasn't going to wear the thing WITHOUT pockets so what was there to lose?

My Grandma used to always tell me she was going to teach me how to sew bound buttonholes. She didn't realize this, but I practically saw that as a threat, bound buttonholes along with welt pockets were black magic as far as I was concerned. They terrified me and I swore I would only use zippers and/or hooks and eyes for my entire life. I managed to always avoid learning them which I now kind of regret because she was really good at teaching me things like that, but I think I've done her proud anyways by learning how to sew single welt pockets which share the terrifying construction part of bound buttonholes.

Thank you internet. Online sewing and knitting tutorials have made me a more functional human being.

I am so excited about how this thing turned out! Now I can stick my hands/poop bags/wads and wads of cash/nail polish in my lovely little pockets. Throw some strawberry fabric accents and neon green contrast stitching on top of it all and how can you lose?  Untitled
I used this tutorial for the pockets, which I totally recommend, I didn't swear while sewing them once (sewing+me=swearing). I also used a tutorial about bleaching denim -which I clearly ignored- so just mix a 1 to 1 of bleach and water and take your denim out before you think you need to and it won't look like mine. This denim vest is every bit as fun and stupid as I had hoped it would be. Strawberries, how very not punk. Awesomeness level achieved.


dirty doz '14: alice's monster cowl!

Untitled Now that it's spring, of course I finished knitting a GIGANTIC wool cowl for my cousin Alice! This is for the handmade pay it forward I joined a while ago, it took a really long time to find the perfect "Alice" project, but after making this pattern for myself earlier in the year and loving the result I realized she definitely needed one too. It's always really fun making gifts for people that you know they'll like, spreading the handmade love! She got it in the mail yesterday on the rainiest spring day ever and sent me great pictures of her wearing it right away. Making cool people smile really is the best part of crafting :) I also sent along some matching pompoms for their yarn enthusiast cat who's sure to "spread the handmade love" all over the living room floor haha.

Next winter will quake when it sees this Alice! I'm glad you like it!

Joan of Arc by Saskia de Feijter


forsythia, bearer of good news.

How lucky we are to be human and get to see and appreciate all this beauty? This was on my daily bike commute to the shop. It's 20 feet from the highway and four feet from where I spotted an abandoned dildo in the road debris earlier this year. No matter what dumb and inconsiderate shit people do to try to make the world ugly, they somehow always fail. Nature is magic.