knitting is awesome

bandana cowl

well these past three weeks have been fairly prolific when it comes to my knitting. i'd been wanting to try quince and co. yarn for a while because 1-every project on ravelry made with any of their yarns look amazing, 2- their colors are pretty rad and 3- it's made in the USA of american wool... which is awesome and a good enough reason in itself (to me anyways). i bought 5 skeins of puffin in honey to make the jane richmond oatmeal pullover and i LOVE the way it came out! it was nasty easy, totally serious. if you're afraid to try knitting a sweater because it's intimidating this sweater is the one for you. it took me less than two weeks of non-crazed knitting from start to finish.

then, lucky for me i had a whole skein and a half leftover so i had instant yarn to make the purl soho bandana cowl which i wanted to make wicked bad anyways. that took me less than a day to make. i had to modify the pattern a lot because the yarn is the wrong weight for the pattern but i put the notes up on ravelry if anyone wants to use this yarn and skip the math bullshit.

knitting is weirdly fun.

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