hound s/s 2012

lovely lovely HOUND

HOUND is a Chicago based clothing company that makes gorgeous, fun and colorful clothes. last year i bought the Beacon crop top for db and my european honeymoon! it's a sheer silk chiffon in the most bright and fun color orange you can think of. i wore it to all of the cathedrals and to the vatican so i could have my shoulders covered in style. it was also perfect for making my day outfit magically fancy restaurant appropriate. here's a pic of my Beacon in action mailing postcards to my vavó, madrinhã and my aunt (who is a legit cloistered nun) from the vatican. my love for that piece got me totally hooked!  Jen the designer also started a flickr group called "handmade wardrobe spring 2012" which i have the badge for to the right of this for all you sewers and makers of things rad.

after effectively stalking all of HOUND's social media and saving my pennies for the release of the s/s 2012 line i managed to nab a fabulous new piece to love forever. any guesses? seriously this is literally the perfect dress, i am beyond excited to get it in the mail! the print is amazing, i absolutely love geometric patterns and it's actually really hard to find them most of the time. also black and white? so ideal! every accessory i own is like some neon, psychedelic, insane thing... including a lot of my shoes. for example, i bought frye harness boots last year that i know will last till long after i'm dead. what color? purple. this dress is going to get a ton ton ton of wearing, i can't wait!

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