crazy, crazy life

so i haven't been able to post much lately for a few reasons which can be rolled up into one reason: my life has been fucking insane for that past few weeks.

i have been working SO MUCH
db and i went to Radiohead WHICH WAS AMAZING but also made me borderline incoherent for a few days because i never got to sleep to recover from dancing like a lunatic for hours
i have spent all of my time online searching for places to live because we're moving

where are we moving? no, not to a new apt in Providence or anything simple like that...


so here's the big scoop, db got a job at a rad company doing something he's really excited about and we're moving away from our lovely ri in which we've lived our entire lives (yes even college). it's crazy. we have one friend there and he's moving to maine in september which is a bummer. we have to learn about the city enough to pick a neighborhood and find a place and move into it in two weeks, just a mere three weeks from when db got the job. we're actually going there for the weekend this weekend to re-scope things out since last time we only went to places that we didn't realize we could absolutely not afford. it should be fun, it just so happens to be Philly Beer Week and that will be some consolation for missing the American Craft Beerfest in Boston this weekend which is a bummer. we've had plans with friends to go to that for months :/

on the bright side, our horror (or my horror) has subsided and now i'm just excited. we get to find new bars! restaurants! the art scene is cool from what i've heard and it's warmer than here! just warm enough for winter to suck less and summer to suck less because every place i've found for rent has central air. score.

if i never post again it's because our plane crashed. wish us luck!

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