gallery wall

Plants and art. Not much I can say here, they are two of my favorite things now beautifully combined on the wall of my living room. The fern is a White Rabbit Foot fern and its little feet just get longer and more creepily amazing all the time. The print is Urchin, whom I decided is patron saint of my craft corner and knitting needles, by Matthew Smith. And lastly but definitely not least, the spoon is Mountain Laurel wood and handcrafted by Dan Dustin, an acquisition a lifetime in the making and brand new to me. Completely exciting!

These three things all have a story behind them, great stories. I'm really lucky to have such beautiful things to surround myself with that remind me of how cool and interesting my life is. One of the many perks of being my own boss, I get to put nails in the walls to create a beautiful little ecosystem for living in. It's like magic.

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