Camden, ME
So much adventure. This summer db and I have done so much traveling around the Northeast that I barely know where I live anymore. Not complaining!

This past weekend we drove up to Maine for a wedding and it was absolutely gorgeous. The ceremony was outside at this harbor, how pretty is this? Rockport, ME
That was the backdrop for their ceremony, it was beautiful. The whole wedding weekend was super fun too. They drove off in an old school restored Mack truck with mini-kegs tied to the back! The reception was really fun and people actually danced into the night, there was a fire, we lit off fireworks and paper lanterns that floated into the sky and we camped in tent city in the back yard. The next day they had an after party which was a lobster bake (much more gruesome than I was expecting) and I shit you not, the most awesome slip and slide I have ever seen/that has ever existed.

The whole weekend was perfect, it was full of happy people and good times. Isn't that what it's all about?
wedding fire

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