lakes are my favorite

Earlier in August I took a week off and went up north. For good reason New Hampshire is my happy place, and when db and I plant it somewhere I want it to be somewhere like it with lakes and trees and the Earth decides what the air smells like. I got to hang out with a bunch of awesome people I miss and we blew up fireworks, played with sparklers (the good metal kind), canoed and attempted to pick blueberries, hand sewed merit badges and invented the best s'mores I've ever eaten. I'm hoping this image is permanently burned into my mind, because it felt absolutely amazing to be sitting out in the middle of the lake that day.

As for you, since summer still has some kick left and hopefully no one has lost their drive to camp and adventure yet, here is the recipe for the best s'mores ever. Because, you know, you'll be sitting around a fire soon and need this right?

- S'mores sized marshmallows
- Lindt "Excellence 70% Cocoa Bar" (dark chocolate is key and most grocery stores have this)
- Newman-O's "Hint-O-Mint" cookies (usually in the natural foods section)

Pull out one Newman-O and a 2x2" square of chocolate. Cook a marshmallow to your liking and when it's done layer it between the cookie and the chocolate piece with the cookie on the bottom. Done! You'll eat it fast enough that the chocolate won't melt very much, plus dark chocolate is less melty than milk chocolate also which helps. That's why dark chocolate is the trick, and it tastes good.

Have a great weekend!

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