some traditions are better than others, and i've got to say freezing our asses off walking down the beach every new year's is definitely one of my favorites. this year was really cold, there was even snow on the sand! rare and magical, pretty awesome. hell yeah 2013! for one reason or another this year feels like a particularly fancy treat of a year, it's gonna be a good one.

this year i will
- finish 13 sewing or knitting projects in 2013, we'll call it the baker's dozen :) this year 6 have to be sewing, and of the sewn projects one has to be shorts or pants and at least one has to be a knit sewn with my serger. scary.
- finish setting up my totally rad small business, i can't wait to reveal it!
- up the ante on what i'm already doing. eat more varied produce and less dairy, ride more, buy zero clothing made outside the usa and more fun vintage, use even less plastics, grow some food in addition to herbs, can and pickle more, talk to more strangers, use what i have. basically, love the earth more and love the people on it more. it won't be particularly good blog fodder but maybe i'll get into some weird and interesting shit because of it which could be fun.
- yoga. i've never had a body related new year's goal before so this is kind of weird. i'm totally happy with how i look but i miss how strong i was when i worked at the bike shop. i'm going to be the skinny chick that can help the guys carry that heavy thing again, these wimpy arms can do more than knit and cook dinner! db got me a really amazing orange Jade yoga mat for christmas. it's made in the usa with natural rubber and jute, no plastics! pretty sweet right? that's like a triple win in the new year's goal department.

happy 2013 everyone!

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