dirty doz: wool capelet!

new look 6028
it may not really feel like it here in philly, but fall is coming, it has to be. so what better time to start my capelet, right? i nabbed this sweet wool at dorr woolen mills in nh over fourth of july weekend knowing this would have to be the year i'd find the perfect cape pattern. lucky for me i was right, when i saw this amazing children's pattern it was instantly the one. well, after i figured out the metric to standard fabric measurements and confirmed i actually bought enough wool for it. the pattern is new look 6028 and was made in the uk, pretty fancy. i've never used a new look pattern before, hopefully it's good. i wonder if the directions will say "this will look charming over trousers, now get sewing you wanker!"

so there it is. i have cat shorts and a wool capelet to work on, i'll never be bored again! i should totally wear the two together, it will be hideous fabulous. i HAVE to finish the dirty dozen, and the sooner the better, the holidays are quickly approaching and holidays = zero time to work on anything except holidays. time to start actually sewing things since i swore off buying shitty, low quality new clothing. reading about the horrible labor conditions in bangladesh and blasting through my 3rd $5 tank top of the summer really sealed the deal. only small designer, handmade by me or vintage clothing from here on out. honestly, i don't think it will be that hard. i bet it will be fun and i'll feel better knowing i'm not supporting an abusive system and my clothes will also last longer than 5 seconds. win win win.

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