baker's doz: ugly hat for uglier person!

eric's hat

first finished project of 2013! i cast on the day after christmas... mere hours after i swore i "quit knitting" HAHAHA. well, i didn't quit knitting. good thing since my yarn stash already contains five planned projects for this year and i have three still on needles from last year.

anyways, this is for my brother. i was knitting it in front of him, for him, and talking about how much i thought it was ugly and hideous and throwing it out was the only right thing to do with it, all while i didn't tell him it was for him. it was silly and hilarious. i knit him a hat years ago but he lost it and was pretty bummed out. now i'm sending this -probably not that much of a surprise- hat along with db on the snowboarding trip they have planned. surprise! warm head that looks AWESOME!

good thing there's no way he'll read this.

one skein brown sheep lamb's pride bulky in "orange you glad" (i think)
pom pom made with the blue clover pom pom maker from the large pack
pattern - i made it up! if you're into it i can send it along, it's wicked simple. free ravelry download maybe?

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