labor day aftermath

Labor Day
Who doesn't love a long weekend? We did so much stuff it's hard to believe we can also throw "took two accidental naps" in there along with everything else. I love the summer, up in RI it was my absolute fave season, but I can't say I'll be mourning this one. Way too hot, I was basically trapped in my house the whole time with the central air on. I'm a windows open, sit outside person… after this summer fall can not come fast enough. Give me some jean jacket weather! A reason to drink some hot tea, maybe even wear pants in the house hahaha. The changing of seasons is always fun.

So Philly summer, peace the fuck out! You will find me outside wearing anything other than a sweat drenched black tank top. I hope you guys all had a sweet weekend full of adventure and mystery, I wonder the story this lovely chicken thigh we found outside our gate on Monday morning has to tell… 

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