Guys. Is this not the most absurd color/pattern combo ever? I am in LOVE with it! It looks like one of those horrendous, so tacky it's great late 60s crocheted blankets you see on interior decor websites as a passive item of interest in the corner THAT YOU CANNOT BUY. I knew the colors would be ridiculous when I chose them but damn, better than I imagined. That's just me though, I love loud.

This is a "gender neutral" baby blanket I decided to whip up. It was intended to be a little thing for the back of the car or in the stroller but I completely misfired and it's actually kind of huge. Whatever though, blankets are always useful no matter the size. I saw this pattern on Purl Bee and thought shit that's cool but I so dislike colorwork. I read the pattern anyhow and realized this is a different style of colorwork than I'd never heard of and decided what the hell! Why not give it a shot?!

It is SO EASY. Highly highly recommend. The person who invented this technique is Barbara G Walker and apparently she has a whole book of other pattern variations you can use this method for. So far so good, it's already eaten up 4 skeins of Malabrigo Chunky Merino and will be requiring 6 more. Stash busting!

The pattern is Mosaic Blanket and if you're contemplating color work or just want to try a different method just check out the vid in the post. Weirdly easy.

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  1. I love this ... both pattern and colors. And with that yarn, I cannot imagine how squishy, soft and warm it would be to curl up under it.