The next time I'm like "woe is me" someone please slap me. 

These past 6 weeks Db has traveled for work a lot. He's been to so many cool places so far! This most recent trip he went to Oregon. Now I'm a pretty good sport about the fact that I don't get tag along on all of them (Lake Tahoe? Come on!), but I have always wanted to go to Oregon and it bummed me out I couldn't. I have it in my head that it's the perfect place and I want to live there with all the hippies and ferns and mountains. He had to go out into the middle of nowhere and it just happened to be to PENDLETON, Oregon.

I'm a big fabric, wool, made in the USA kind of person, I always have been. The idea that Db was going to be there at the home of the fabric and blankets that I've loved and wanted my whole life blew my mind. How lucky and random! So he went to not one Pendleton store, but two. He sent me pics of cool blankets and then... bolts of fabric. Double cloth! Wool! Made in the USA! So he bought me two solid yards of the most weighty gorgeous fabric I may have ever laid my hands on. What should I make with it? I kind of want to make everything. I'm thinking maxi skirt or hooded elbow length cape would be great ways to showcase the pattern. I LOVE IT. Was that not the best souvenir ever? Man, my Mom and Db really know how to make a girl happy with fiber gifts!
image image
Seriously beautiful. I wish I could make something reversible with it.

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