1500 mile road trip! - Acadia! -

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Sorry for the long breaks in posting! It's been pretty crazy over here for the last 6 weeks, lots of db traveling, visits and other both fun and unfun stuff. Hopefully I'm back on it now, it's taken me almost 2 months to post about our amazing and beautiful road trip!

So here we are, in Acadia National Park, Maine. It was completely awesome. The air smelled so clean and there were trees all the way to the beach! We watched the sunrise from the top of Cadillac Mountain, saw Thunderhole and rode our bikes to go tidepooling at Wonderland. Come on right? We also had the only "fancy" meal of our trip in Bar Harbor while sitting outside next to a mess of ferns and got to camp in two of the coolest campsites I've ever seen. It was the best possible cherry on top of a really fun adventure vacation and I want to go back... I would live up there for sure.

Sunrise. It was so cold on top of that rock!
sunrise sept 6
Thunderhole being totally unimpressive but making lots of amusing fart noises.
Beach hike!
So into tidepooling! It was the only thing I was like "I want to do this on this trip" about (besides buying some Swans Island yarn haha) and it was VERY awesome. We didn't see any starfish but it didn't disappoint, and I caught crabs! How often do you hear that said with any excitement? I was so amped I used my Fabric Horse utility belt for shades/camera and wore my Mom's fabulous vintage ski shirt, by far my favorite article of clothing. It's windproof but still looks this awesome! I got to crawl around and stick my hands in the water touching weird stuff, it was great.
...This is what we saw. These are unfiltered, the colors were insane.
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
Then we rode our bikes back along the coast and into the woods to our campsite. We set a fire and looked the stars, we found so many constellations. Camp stove ramen and red wine. AWESOME VACA, I would recommend it to anyone. Acadia is where it's at.

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