2012 happened. lots of stuff happened!

2012 was a pretty ridiculous year as far as i'm concerned, and i liked it. this year i wrapped up teaching art at a preschool, picked strawberries, moved to philly, went to paris, made tons of stuff, took a class in nyc doing something awesome, cuddled my dog and drank tons of beer while watching twin peaks with the man, db. a year ago i challenged myself three things; to set up my rad old school mixte so i could ride it in time for the summer, to stop wearing clothes that are have holes or are ugly, and most intimidatingly, to start and finish 12 sewing or knitting projects in 12 months. so how did it go? pretty good!

the mixte was finished on memorial day, just in time for the good weather. it's a pretty good lazing around bike and is great for buying way too much stuff at whole foods and riding home on the verge of tipping over the whole way. it's now the bike i ride when i want to wear non-bike appropriate footwear, everyone needs one of those right? yes.

i threw away a ton of clothes i didn't feel good wearing. i still have a decent chance of dying wearing something not particularly cute if i were randomly struck dead at any moment, but still, it's an improvement. i threw stuff out but haven't gotten anything to replace any of it really. too poor, spent all my money on yarn and travel and my friend's wedding. maybe this year will be better? i guess my priorities are still mostly beer, bike and yarn related. nothing wrong with that! in my semi-failure i learned something about myself at least, i have cool hobbies and shopping for/dressing in lots of different fancy clothes isn't one of them. less clothing that i like more is the way to go.

THE 12 PROJECTS OF 2012. i. did. it. !!! that's all for now, but i'm posting a lineup of the successes early next week so i can get some good pics of the last few this weekend. pretty exciting! i can't wait to show you the goods, pictures or it didn't happen right?

we all survived the end of the world! go us!

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