new year's beach walk

as is tradition, we walked the length of the beach new year's day. it was perfect winter weather for it and uzo even made it to the end this year, we think his rad new coat had something to do with it. i'm sad the holidays are over but of course, super happy to be able to actually accomplish something again.

this year i will:
- set up my new bike before the 2012 fair-weather riding season starts so i can actually use it.
- start and complete (complete being a very important and often overlooked detail) 12 knitting/sewing endeavors
- get rid of all the clothes i have but don't enjoy wearing. wearing something "eh" feels lame. plus the chance of dying wearing something ugly drastically reduces if i don't own anything i think is ugly. if i get hit by a car and eat it i at least want to be adorable doing it.

i've already started. welcome to the end of the world!

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