paris intermission, because nail polish waits for no one.

so db and i went to the grocery store last night for the first time in probably a month and we're all excited to cook our fave meals again. on the way he was like "what's the one thing you're most excited about getting at the gs?" fully expecting me to say something normal and food related, but instead i squealed "NAIL POLISH!" laughed, and then said hot dog buns and something else dumb. i would say i hope we never grow up, but seeing as it hasn't happened yet, i think we're in the clear. FUN FOREVER! what a fantastic life goal.

i'm going to be honest, i have no idea when nail polish became exciting to me again. it kind of just snuck back into my life without me really noticing. my fingers were bare for probably over ten years and my toes were the same light pink all ten of those years, too. i threw out all my old slimy polishes forever ago but then all of the sudden last fall i decided i wanted a new color. i got lincoln park after dark which is a warm, very dark purple by OPI and ever since nail polish has been fun. for some reason in my nail polish wearing younger years i never owned a red though. i'm not sure if it's because i didn't want one or because i was a child and my parents didn't want me slipping down the path to dolly parton, but either way this is my first ever reddish nail polish. it's got a good dose of orange in there so it's still bright and fun, reds usually look really stale and flat to me but this one is like a neon red if that's even possible. clambake baby! now let's just try to ignore that the reason it's named that is likely inspired by cooked lobsters which is fairly gruesome.

now i've got cool colors for summer, warm and dark colors for winter and GLITTER. i think i'm done... right? eight is enough! i need the rest of my money for beer and bike parts.

more paris pics tomorrow!


  1. Haha I felt the same way. No nail polish forever and now I cant get enough. Fave is yogaga from Essie. Not sure if it is yo gaga or yoga ga. LoL

    1. i'm glad i'm not the only one! and yogaga is really pretty, i don't have any neutral-ish colors yet, i'm going to keep my eyes peeled for it. :)