paris! -the eiffel tower-

the eiffel tower, one of the coolest manmade monuments ever. i'd say it's top two with the pantheon in rome. i took so many pictures of it! and we even got to go back twice, once in the day and once at night to see it sparkle. it was amazing, way better than fireworks.
on the hour! the eiffel tower!!!!!! tour eiffel across the seine tour eiffel
three wine and cheese filled days in paris, how lucky are we?! it was cold and drizzly and foggy the whole time, but db and i were too busy being completely amazed by everything around us to really care, it probably kept the rest of the weaker hearted souls indoors and left more space for us to wander around unhindered. so thank you drear, you very likely made our trip more awesome (not to mention the eiffel tower possibly even more beautiful). a few observations we made are paris smells like amazing perfume, everyone is stylish and polite and all of the food is delicious. i would go back in a heartbeat.

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