paris! -notre-dame-

next up on our paris adventure is our visit to Notre-Dame. it was the only thing in paris that was looked smaller than i was expecting (rather than twice as big as i was expecting). it seemed to double in size when we went inside though. these pictures i took of the inside make it look much lighter than it really was. to get an idea of how dark it was just imagine looking at the second picture below that the two vaults at the top of the picture are as dark as the two vaults that are at the bottom of the picture. it was really cool, totally ominous. it gave me a new appreciation of gothic architecture. the church is responsible for making some of the most amazing buildings and art. i guess no one can say it's good for nothing right? it was really beautiful.
notre-dame notre-dame
and here it is, my favorite adornment on the front. rest in pieces dude, and don't drop that!
rest in pieces

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