yay nh! boo moving!

my fave place chillin' in the sun lichen off road puppy
so, completely ignoring the fact that db and i have an absolutely massive amount of stuff to do before we move 300 miles away THIS WEEKEND, we went to nh for three days to celebrate our wedding being an entire year behind us. we drank tons of champagne, listened to the bird concert, chased uzo around (because he refused to just relax) and sat in the sun.

it was awesome.

i just want to live somewhere like this, you know, trees, birds, a porch, a garden... SPACE. but instead we're moving even deeper into a city than we live now. why this seems like a good idea i'm not sure, but it's definitely more appealing than moving to the jersey burbs. now to pack, why didn't anyone tell us june is the busiest moving month of the year? this is such a gigantic disaster! burning the apartment down seems like the easiest option. the amount of heavy sighing between db and i right now is fairly absurd...

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