last day of school

so this is it. this is the last day of school.

i didn't think i'd get misty about it but i totally did. these kids taught me so much this year and i don't think i ever went more than 5 minutes without laughing when i was with them (and yes, sometimes it was poop related). they made messes by accident, made messes on purpose, asked me the same exact questions every single day all year, got glitter everywhere all the time and never ever went any slower than full throttle.

things i learned about kids
- put glitter on it and it's as good as gold. literally, anything.
- even if they have the attention span of a ping pong ball, they're listening and they'll remember
- everything is fact to them, "my dad is allergic to noise" is a personal fave
- sometimes peeing yourself seems like a better option than taking a 5 second break from playing to use the bathroom
- no one has to teach them to not like goodbyes, they already know that one

it was a totally amazing year and i'm really sad to leave them all on our adventure to philly, but at least i got to become friends with them this year. it never occurred to me that i could have had a teacher who missed me until yesterday when i was already starting to miss having all my little friends around to laugh and make messes with. i hope i get to see a few of them again and find out who they become, that would be so amazingly cool. there wasn't a bad one in the bunch, i feel totally lucky. i wish there was some way i could thank them all, i hope me trying my hardest to be a good teacher for them is enough. i know preschool is a funny age for remembering things, so i don't expect them all to remember me, but if they go into big kid school thinking learning and art are fun and knowing that there are teachers out there that genuinely care then that's more than good enough for me.

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