father's day!

father's day
my dad = pretty rad. this year for father's day he wanted to go strawberry picking which is only the most fun thing ever. i was hoping we'd pick 50 lbs (ha!) but 7.78 lbs was still pretty good, plus who knows how much weight the 4 of us gained eating strawberries out there. pick one, eat one... that seemed to be the system. the rest of the day was completely fun too, yay dads!

on a totally unrelated note, db and i survived the long and boring drive down the jersey last night and in choosing the extended stay hotel we chose, we continued our streak of having highways on two or more sides of where we sleep. i am also stranded! it sucks. at least there's internet and my parents gave us a care package with sumol :) plus an endless supply of pop tarts, wasabi peas and fresh picked strawberries. i have a feeling living not in ri i'm going to totally dork out about how awesome it is there to everyone i meet. "there's water! and del's! and coffee milk! we don't pronounce words the boring correct way like you AND we have masses of this very exotic race called 'Portuguese' and they have tasty food and hilarious accents!"

now to wait for db to get back here so we can go buy some hot pockets, because we know how to live.

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