dirty doz: uzo's new wurstwärmer!

uzo's wurstwarmer 2.0
yes. i started a dog sweater the day before 100℉ weather is going to hit, that's just how i roll apparently.

so when i was frantically packing up two weeks worth of dresses and boots and other very important things like db and my fave bottle opener we got from santa last year, i managed to stuff the makings for a new project into my fabulous miso crafty knits project bag. it was pretty exciting, it's the first time i've gotten to use my project bag for actual traveling with knitting and so far it's awesome. i love that all my stuff is safe and looks cute at the same time (sorry hefty, no more plastic bags for this girl). i knew i'd likely be stranded in south jersey in a super lame extended stay hotel and man was i was right! the second i found out this place didn't have a pool i knew i was screwed. i also knew we weren't bringing uzo for these two weeks while we apartment hunt (very, very sad), so since i can't cuddle with him at least i can make him a present. something that's obviously very neccesary... a second wurstwärmer!

seriously, i love yarn for keeping me endlessly entertained. along with the fancy new hardcover copy of lord of the rings db bought for me yesterday i'll never be bored again! now when i'm being ignored by everyone i email about apartments i can make uzo a sweater he really doesn't need and pretend to live in the shire. pretty rad.

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