dirty doz: hooray!!!

hooray! hooray back

well here it is, the 5th project i've started and finished this year and probably the coolest color yarn i've ever run into. the yarn is madelinetosh dk in grapefruit and the pattern is Hooray by Veera Välimäki. it was crazy crazy fun to knit. there's just something about knitting cables that is just so satisfying, they look so cool! i was actually kind of sad when i finished the cabled section.

things i loved about making this sweater
- looking at this totally rad color every time i worked on it
- making the cables. they're not overly fussy but damn do they look good!
- the double thickness collar being completely worth the extra time
- how amazing reverse stockinette looks with hand painted yarn
- the i-cord bind off
- basically everything

if you're thinking about knitting this, DO IT. it knit up pretty fast, is fun to work on (none of that "ughhhh i just wanna wear it already!"), the directions are clear and it looks really good finished. my only suggestions would be definitely block it because it makes a huge difference, if you do the i-cord bind off do it on the wrong side because it looks way better on the right side that way, and bind off looser than you think you should around the curved parts.

blah blah blah IT'S AWESOME! i'm so excited i decided to make it, now if only it were done in time to wear before it got all warm this spring, i definitely have something to look forward to this fall though. :)


  1. I just love it. Yours is definitely the best Hooray I've seen. I see the yarn is Madelinetosh - of course, that's why it is so gorgeous!
    This is such a great fit on you - did you do your size or smaller?

    1. thanks, that's a huge compliment, there are so many gorgeous ones! seriously madelinetosh has got me hooked, i've used dk, sock and pashmina and all finish sooo well. for sizing on this i went a little smaller. i'm a 31.5" and i made the 30". i figured i could make it bigger blocking if i had to but i liked the size it turned out and didn't even have to. :)