dirty doz: neon neon NEON!


so here it is, number 6 of the dirty dozen of 2012! a fabulously low quality pic (thank you iphone for your selfy option) which features my even more fabulous dog. i totally love it, i've found a new way to make any outfit i own even more insane!

it's Simple Things by Mary Heather-Cogar which was a super easy but in my opinion even more super boring knit. it's ok though, i really wanted to try knitting something with a lacy-ish thing going on because i'd never tried it before and this was a pretty straightforward/low commitment project to test out. i was also beyond dying to cast on my Edison Bulb madelinetosh tosh sock because let's be real, neon is pretty much beyond all others as far as radness goes (besides uzo, glitter nail polish and being in the forest listening to birds of course).

even though it was pretty boring, i would still recommend this pattern. it's easy, works into something really useful very fast, looks a lot fancier than it is and will eat up one of those one off balls of sock yarn you know you probably have lying around if you knit. my only suggestion would be to keep the center column between the two yos stockinette regardless of what the garter stitch lacy rows tell you. i did the second and third lacy rows that way and they look much better.

enough technical talk, i'm halfway to my goal of 12 in '12!!! i have #5 up my sleeve yet to be revealed here but nice light for picture taking weather must be around the corner... right?

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