no ripples

today wasn't particularly stressful at work and this weekend on Block Island was AWESOME but man... i could totally go for a good chillin' on the side of a pool right now. this pic is so pretty and peaceful, all i can think about are summer dresses, a sunhat, shades and a book i only half pay attention to because i'm too busy listening to the world. it's weird what people can get used to, i've lived in "the big city" (haha) for almost 2 years and at first i couldn't stand how it never turned off, how there was always something crazy going on i could hear and no grass anywhere. now i just notice those things sometimes and it makes me want to get out even more! i'm afraid if we stay here any longer i'll get completely used to it and not even notice not hearing birds and quiet, not having grass and not needing to be worried about freaks when i walk outside and we'll lose the drive to get out and make the situation better.

call me old fashioned, but i'd like a slow way of life. the hustle and bustle is cool but if there's no way to turn it off it makes everyone a little crazed and they don't even know it. i'll choose a beer on a porch over tv any day.

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