fun with (washable PHEW!) paint!

at work, two of the tables that the kids used were painted by the class of 2003 which was so long ago! they were black and brown (i'll never understand why mixing brown is an awesome thing to a preschooler) and very very in your face. as a getting to know each other and community project i decided to have the kids paint them both so they would look nicer AND they'd have something to be proud of and see every day. i chose the colors so there would be no brown or black and they could smear and mix away without the end result being too overwhelming. they all decided that since it was blue and green and had bubbles they made out of masking tape skeleton prints that it was a waterfall! when each was done they let me know and i painted their hand to make one handprint. they loooved it! they all got wicked excited when their parents came and showed it to them it was so cute. the next day they painted the other one yellow and green so they go but are totally different and both pretty soothing. i've got to say, they were all very excited to be allowed to paint on furniture. it's funny, most people i know are like "i have to paint something? damnit!"

today we played with clay and they made zombies, a family of snowmen and there was even a fairly realistic sea turtle and asteroid. pretty impressive.

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