first week of school

so, i just started a new job! i'm now a full time art teacher in a reggio emilia inspired preschool! isn't that rad? last week i set up the studio, painted the wall a nice fresh, mint green and mentally prepared for the madness of this week meeting the kids. it's going to be quite a trip going from being a covered in grease, grime and sweat bike shop girl talking about politics, conspiracy theories and bikes and drinking beers with the guys to being covered in paint and snot talking about not stealing your friend's snack and needing to be like "don't rub that paint on your sweater!"

these are the letters the kids decorated to put over their hooks, i'm painting the insides of the letters their fave colors tomorrow and they're weirdly excited about it. the other pic is a tiny portion of the aftermath of painting their tote bags... i've decided they only have motor skills when picking their noses.

so far so good, but the horror of working with acrylics (which don't wash out of clothes), 3-4 year olds and first week of school attire has got me pretty freaked out. only two casualties so far, and one was me (why did i wear brand new pants!?) haha. looks like it's going to be an interesting year!

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