holiday gifts

Untitled This reminds me of the year I relearned how to knit in college because I didn't have money for gifts for people. Oh Freshman year... I thought I was poor then! HA! Student loans were just an abstract threat!

Anyway, it's almost nice to be put in the position to make gifts again. I get to think nice thoughts about whoever I'm knitting for as I do it and it's been a really positive experience. I'm actually looking forward to the holidays more than usual because of the extra excitement of giving people I care about things I made especially for them. SO without any further information (because you never know who's reading *wink*) Here are some pretty things I've knit up so far! More details once the gift getters have gotten their gifts, too many details would be gauche right?

I hope all of your holiday prep has been as pleasant as mine, the season is young! Untitled

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  1. While I do not look forward to the cold, I am looking forward to all this softness and warmth. Thank you!