fingerless gloves aka the gloves I KEEP LOSING

Untitled These things are possessed by some weird energy. I'm convinced. I made a grey pair about 6 or 7 years ago and never lost one once. These things? I finished them less than a month ago and have lost one or both, IN THE WILD, FOUR TIMES. Both in Philadelphia and Rhode Island. What is that?! This is ridiculous. Probably only made more ridiculous by the fact that someone somehow always find them. Mixed in with leaves on the street of the same color, five or more houses down from where they were dropped... and by myself, Dillon and two other people. Like what is that? I'd have something other to say about them but the fact that they're on the loose is by far their most interesting attribute. I knit them up with long discontinued Mission Falls 1824 wool which I bought in bulk in Northampton at Webs not a month after it was discontinued and whipped them up in a mere 5 days which is pretty quick. They're warm, they're brownish (what was I thinking?) and they kind of almost don't clash with my now three year's old "new" winter coat.

Happy fall all, I hope your gloves prove to be more boring than mine!
PS. The pattern is a heavily modified version of some pamphlet I bought in like... 2005. I've been meaning to write it up for a while so maybe I'll get around to it soon because there rule and I've knit 8 pairs now!
PPS. Yes I look like a lunatic but I mean... WHY SUGARCOAT THE TRUTH??? Untitled

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