knitting spreeee

Untitled Ok so this is actually the first of the recent projects I finished so I'm not sure why I forgot to post about it. A few years back I knit myself one of these in a nice light green and I wore it into the ground I liked it so much. So when it occurred to me that 9 of the last 10 projects I'd knit were for other people, I decided that this year as a treat to myself I'd just make a freshy in a different color and I'd bump it to the top of the queue. Amusingly I worked on it mostly while watching the Netflix Slow TV special about Norway's national knitting night. It was ridiculous, but who has time for anything less than ridiculous?

Anyhow, I like it a lot and it just has to cool off a little more so I can wear it. No rush. I like fall as much as the next person but I also like the whole in-between weather that the Earth seems to have skipped this year.

Joan of Arc by Saskia de Feijter
Malabrigo Merino Chunky - Frank Ochre
Also I really need to figure out where to take action shot project pics in this house! I don't even want to tell you all where these are taken. I miss my lovely photographer and the fabulous sparkly stuccoed deck wall of our last place. I'll figure it out, even if it means stuccoing a wall in the yard.

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