dirty doz '14: monstrous cowl!

monstrous cowl!
Snow! I finished this beast of a garment just in time for the lovely blizzard-like weather on Tuesday. I like how it came out so much that as soon as I modeled it in the mirror I decided I'm making a second one with some more Malabrigo Yarn Chunky I just happen to have lying around. If that isn't a huge stamp of approval on a pattern I don't know what is. If you like being warm and looking silly you should cook one of these up for sure.

This thing is wicked warm, really fun to wear and very easy and quick to make. If I hadn't been completely ensnared by the crack-esque nature of the sock pattern I cast on after starting this I likely would have had it done in under a week. This picture doesn't show the nice pointed bottom of the front because I wanted to take pics in the snow but my photographer was in California, but if you want to see how tall the neck is and how pointy the point is feel free to check out the pics I posted on its Ravelry project page. I love this, I have wanted something like this for so long, like before I even discovered Ravelry or knew how to make up my own patterns. Finally it is mine!

Joan of Arc by Saskia de Feijter
Malabrig Yarn Chunky Merino - Water Green


  1. Hi, I'm a happy fellow blog follower and knitter and I must say I love this cowl it's amazing! every time I see your knitwear it makes me want to knit something just as good! :D Your short row top from Purl bee ended up with me also knitting one! I'm thinking this cowl might be added next to my knitting list! Happy knitting X

    1. Wow thanks! If you knit one of these you won't be disappointed, this finished thing rocks and I've been wearing it all week. Your short row sweater came out really cool! I really like that color, I made socks with it last year. I'm glad you like my projects, it feels really good knowing they inspired you to make something just as rad :)