swamp thang: an ugly sweater love story

Swamp Thang Babies grow SO FAST. Or maybe it's just my little beast, not sure. Either way Seti was growing out of his perfect little baby sweater so I decided to just knit him a newer bigger one before he was caught out with nothing to wear. I used yarn leftover from a pair of mini-legwarmers from a few years back and some other leftovers from a hat I knit Db this winter and just realized I never posted about. This is my jam lately, use up all my stash yarn, try not to buy any more. After moving this past November I got to reorganize my stash and it fits beautifully into its new spot, no room for a single new bag. Also, making something using leftovers is kind of like getting free yarn somehow.

Anyways, here's his new sweater. Nice and clashy, same pattern as his first, looks cute as hell. DONE.

Baby Girl Fair Isle Cardigan - Purl Soho
Malabrigo Sock - Turner
Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light - Button Jar Blue Swamp Thang

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