a cowl. for my mom. made out of yarn. that is late for a holiday.

Dat dere cowl Late gift? From me?


Gift punctuality is not my forte, I can't deny it. However, this cowl is pretty rad and in my defense I've been caring for an infant and trying not to fall asleep by accident. Knitting anything worth blogging about and actually getting around to blogging about it? HA. I daydream about knitting but when I finally have a free minute I usually crash and burn.

Anyways, this is my good ol' classic cowl pattern with a second color thrown in there because my current favorite thing is double stranding. It looks like a candy cane and will go nicely with my Mom's red coat. It may be two months after Christmas but it's still cold out right? RIGHT? This time of year is the only time I actively hope the weather doesn't break because I'm like "I can't be giving people knit goods in the spring, MUST BEAT THE CHANGING OF THE SEASONS." I never learn.

Maybe the solution is to just start knitting holiday gifts in like, March. Is that how everyone else does it?

Cowl pattern - my own
Berroco Peruvia Quick in Blanco
Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in Neon Red
cowl for ma

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