new post for Philly Pedals!

I wrote a new article for a local bicycle website, Philly Pedals, about how to dress for cycling in ever-changing spring conditions! It was posted a while ago and I have no idea how I managed to miss it, but here it is… better late than never! While it is written about riding bikes, it really applies to all outdoor activities. Also, you know me, I'm not about buying tons of super specific gear or caring about "looking the part" when doing anything so you don't have to worry about "WEAR LYCRA" being a paragraph header. If you'd like to read my two cents about how to keep comfortable outside when the weather doesn't know what it's going to do from one second to the next give it a read! Totally good information for picnics, riding rainbow colored ponies, eating at an outdoor table when you should really have probably sat inside…

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