new adventure!

Hey all, sorry I've been truly shitty at posting fun things lately. Truth be told I have some crazy stuff going on and we are in the process of…

moving to England for 6 months!

Db and I got a really cool opportunity and jumped at it! We got very little notice and now are kind of scrambling to get everything ready to go, as is evident by most of my houseplants in the "loading area" that is my studio before boxing them up and driving them north to my parents' this past weekend. Our house feels so quiet and empty without them!

So there it is, insanity is on its way! Don't worry though, in between the insane number of things we have to do to prepare I have made time to pick out a few cool knitting projects to stowaway in my luggage, special for England. Best parts? Weekend trips all over Europe and England's generally shitty weather will never make it too hot to knit. Knitting season year round!

I'm so excited to share our adventure with you guys, we have no idea what to expect but we know two things, it will be weird and awesome, and the candy and soda in Europe RULES. Priorities!


  1. OMG Laura, You will love it in London. The free museums are mind blowing, as well as the Victoria and Albert museum, the plays, Harrods, Liberty of London, tea, Loop (a yarn shop) and I Knit, a yarn shop that also sells beer. What an awesome adventure. I am so happy for you. Keep posting about it and take lots of photos or should I say: Keep Calm and Carry Yarn, Lisa

    1. Omg Lisa, I have followed a few yarn lovers from England and am taking notes on awesome yarn shops in London and a fiber farm in the Peaks District. The pics of Loop look awesome, akin to Purl Soho in NYC maybe. So rad. I can't wait to try the bitters and all the weird candy, it should be fun :) Yarn and beer? Gotta check it out. Thanks Lisa!