new glassessss

Untitled Good glasses rule. In my whole life I've only tried on a pair of glasses and been like "THESE ARE THE ONES" twice, and this pair was one of them. The last pair I felt like that about I wore everyday until I literally wore out the temples and couldn't have them replaced which was the start of my contact lens era…almost ten years ago.

These frames are by Rapp Eyewear, designed and made in Toronto. They make super limited run fucking wild frames, these are the style "Cortelyou". The temples and details are titanium, so now guys will even think they're cool. The shape is so sharp and strong but still really feminine, very into it. They had so many colors but this creme was by far the most rad. I have been wanting creme glasses for YEARS, it was meant to be. I think I've finally found my spirit frames.

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