dirty doz '14: effortless

It's spring! So what am I doing? Knitting an overly floppy, DK weight cardigan. This is going to be Effortless by Hannah Fettig. This cardigan has been on my radar since the pattern came out, so when I woke up on my birthday to discover my fellow fiber crafting cousin Alice had gifted me the pattern pdf I was so amped! I wanted to order the yarn and cast on right away but you know how that goes, it's a slippery slope down to having ten works-in-progress at once. So now that I've finished up a few projects it was finally time to cast this baby on, summer weather be damned! The color is Tomato by Madelinetosh because why the hell not?

The other day I was wondering about how other crafters choose colors for their projects. Do you choose colors that you know you can wear with the most of the rest of your clothing? Colors that just seem right for the particular garment regardless of how much you'll be able to wear it? Neutrals so you can wear the things you make the maximum amount because you spent all this time making them so you better wear them a bunch? Maybe you buy yarn for a type of garment and then hunt down the pattern to use after? The way I choose is I imagine myself wearing the finished piece, then do a little run down of the colors I'm considering and choose whichever seems like it will be the most fun to wear, like if I saw it in a store would I be like "Someone came up with this JUST FOR ME. Who's reading my mind?!" Added bonus is it usually ends up being a fun color to look at the whole time knitting it, too.

So what are your color choosing thoughts and methods? It's a huge part of crafting but no one ever talks about it!


  1. I love bright colors but funny thing is that you'd probably never know it looking at my closet. I don't have a very bright, colorful wardrobe but I guess I have more color in my accessories. My favorite shoes at the moment that I pretty much wear with everything are my bright orange Reneu flats. You'd never guess they were made with hemp and have the most cushy built-in gel padding. My recent purchases are a pair of neon yellow pointy toe flats from Alternative Outfitters and a neat scarf with tan and orange elephants from Goodwill. :)

    Oh ya back to crafting :) I either get impulsive and buy some bright fun yarn with no idea what to do with or I pick a pattern I really like but have a very difficult time trying to figure out what color yarn to use. So I'm usually in a pickle when I want to start a new project :/

    1. Colorful accessories rule, they make utilitarian basics so much more fun! Black tank top and jeans? Purple shoes! That's where it's at :) Also, I find when I can't quite figure out what color a project should be I'll pick something like "orange" and then scope out all my favorite yarn brands' orange options. Totally with you on what to use the really fun impulse yarn on though! So tough haha