secondhand, better than new

My life has been way more interesting ever since deciding to buy only secondhand, small business and USA made products. Obviously it makes things difficult and sometimes isn't actually possible (flattering jeans I'm looking at you), but other times something epic like this happens. On my birthday I've made it a tradition to hit up my favorite local consignment shop Once Worn, and my fave used book store The Book Trader (epic). Imagine, a neutral dress with pockets, an insane dress from the 70s, a silly sweater that fits perfectly and these beauties of the literature type. As if it isn't cool enough that this many treasures presented themselves in the first place, they also cumulatively cost a whopping $44.

The mall has absolutely nothing on this. I'm not a super materialistic person, but when material things are what you need I've got to say the thrill of the hunt and knowing you're supporting something you see as good really can't be beat.


  1. I second-hand that!!!
    Birdgirl Lisa

    1. Definitely just laughed out loud reading that Lisa!