This past weekend Db and I went up to NH with my fam to go skiing for a particularly notable parental birthday. It was fun, and my parents are badasses. We got rad and we all blew down some double black diamonds (ha!). I took pics but let's be real, we've all seen a million pics of people skiing and most are taken by actual professionals. Something we haven't all seen? MOUSE PRINTS IN THE SNOW. This is two little mice hopping along next to each other! Ridiculous.

The day we were in NH that wasn't spent skiing we went to my family's summer house to check it out and mess around. As soon as we got out of the car we saw fresh turkey tracks leading into the woods, which we tracked totally seriously right down to our shrill gobbling impressions. We saw so many animal tracks, they were everywhere. It's nuts to think that that many animals are always around, you just can't tell. It had snowed the night before so they were all super fresh, too. We saw raccoon, turkey, deer, bear, squirrel, rabbit, probably skunk and my favorite, mouse prints. Time to get one of those animal tracks nature guides.

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