birthday adventure

the jungle room
Every year the week of my birthday is the first real nosedive into frigid, wretched winter. Usually my actual birthday is the worst day out of all of them and this year was no exception. It's been like that for so long that I actually plan for it at this point. This year for my "birthday weekend" Db and I went to Longwood Gardens so we could look at plants, smell dirt, and most importantly, sit in the jungle room! It was great, that place is so cool. It's an absolutely enormous greenhouse and it's full of the wildest plants I've ever seen. They have a fern hallway, a desert plants room that's almost all grey plants, indoor orchards and grapevines… it is almost certainly more serious and insane than what you're imagining.

Not a bad way to punctuate winter, to go somewhere warm that's full of sweet plant smells. At the gift shop I almost got a maidenhair fern, but I'm putting all my plant buying resources into the largest citrus tree I can afford this spring. How rad will that be? It'll live out on the deck in the summer and be a fake yard, and in the winter it'll live in the living room. If you can't live in the jungle room no one said you can't build your own.

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