2014 For the first time ever I didn't walk the length of Narragansett Pier beach with my fam on New Years. It was a drag, but Db and I still had some fun. On our first new year away from RI we went to our neighborhood's very own ball drop, complete with a tee shirt canon and flamethrower, and saw the most epic fireworks we've ever seen in real life. Apparently in Philly the party isn't on New Years Eve so much as everyone parties ALL DAY on New Years Day. It was awesome, and we started off the new year cold and on our bikes just like always. Also like always, a list of my goals for the new year, all fun stuff.

This year I will
- Sew 4 garments and knit 8 things. Sewing something with my Pendleton wool and a dress with my organic bear fabric are for sure. Knitting I've got covered, so many fun projects lined up. Dirty Dozen 3.0!
- Keep up with my USA made, vintage and handmade consumer choices. It's been super enlightening and rewarding since I made it a goal last year and I'm not turning back ever. Also can more produce and cut out the last of the processed foods I eat, I'm not that lazy.
- Do a cyclocross race and be ok with being completely crushed by the other riders and probably having an asthma attack in front of everyone I know. Who cares, it will be fun.
- Approach galleries for representation. It's horrifying, but Dad didn't raise no wimp.
- Learn how to do a handstand! I've always wanted to, so why the hell not.

I know the New Year is like a fake thing, but I love it. Do any of you have goals for the new year? I'd love to hear them, this stuff is fun.

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