baker's doz: julie's legwarmers!

julie's leggies
Man! I haven't finished a knitting project since mid-March! Though today's weather here in Philly would suggest otherwise (84℉?!), there have been some nice days for knitting recently and they have been completely taken advantage of.

These lovely legwarmers are for my way past due handmade pay it forward. They're for my artsy cousin Julie, and I am so ridiculously excited for her to get them. She walks around Providence rain or shine for work and seeing as I have needed to walk around Providence to and from everything in the winter myself, I know how wretchedly cold it can be and how freaking grey the world is in the winter. I also love legwarmers and they make everything better. So, I made these ridiculously bright pink wool leggies for her, that way she gets color and warmth at the same time! I'm all about brights in the winter, rebel against that damn drear. The wool has really good body and holds them up really well so hopefully she'll get some good and non-slouchy use out of them soon (not too soon!).

So there we go; one down, two to go! Better late than never... right?

some cloudy day by tiny owl knits
madelinetosh sport - pop rocks
julie's leggies


  1. Lovely colours, dress and leg warmers!

  2. Thanks! Madelinetosh has some of the best brights I've found, and that skirt... I saw it and knew it was a definite yes. Crazy florals are the greatest :)