1500 mile road trip! - part 2 -

Untitled Next up on our million mile road trip is VT and bikes! We went to Kingdom Trails in East Burke, VT to mountain bike. Db mountain bikes all the time so I was excited to see what it was all about... but also like "Why did I agree to do this? I'm going to crash and fall off a mountain." Also, confession, when I envision 'vacation I've been looking forward to all year' I imagine doing something different than usual ie: being clean, not endangering myself for fun, wearing cute clothes that aren't going to be ruined for sure. This was none of the above... I wore cycling shorts, you know, the kind with the padded butt. Anti-glamour! But it ended up being pretty fun. The first trail we rode down was way too hard for me, I didn't even imagine there were trails that wild, it was serious. I bet it's really fun if you're good at it or have no fear of serious injury. I ended up completely eating shit twice and one of the times I DID fall off the mountain. Db said he's never seen anyone do that before. I got stuck really quick and put my foot out the side that was downhill then just rolled away, it was ridiculous. After we got back (and changed into real clothes!) we nabbed a beer each and drank them in the woods. It was really fun.
Not drunk, just amped. Bikes, beer and woods are a really fun combo.

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