old pedals, new pedals

new pedals, ready shreddy
Ok, bike parts are exciting. Sometimes even as exciting as yarn and fabric. When I got these pink pedals from my old boss they were for my first geared non-kids bike which legit changed my life. It's been pictured here 1 2 3 times and has been the bike I ridden on every single bike related adventure I've ever had, seriously best work bonus ever. That bike has turned into my daily do everything commuter, and she's even earned a name, the Fang. Riding my purple fixed gear was fun and everything, but those bikes are like high heels; nice to look at, novel and good for going short distances inefficiently. Getting these pink pedals was sort of my official entry into the larger world of cycling. They were the last piece I needed to get rolling on my new, far more versatile bike. I now had a bike that I could ride for hours comfortably on long random adventures, that had fenders so I could ride it in shit weather which I did and do often, and had clearance for all sorts of tires so I can use it for road, cross and even put studded tires on for the winter which I have done. That bike has even replaced my car, it's completely amazing the things you can get done on a bike.

So while getting these pedals was the beginning of the end, cooking them feels like the end of the beginning, and I'm pretty excited about it. I ordered new slightly fancier versions of the same thing in, of course, a rad as hell color. I can't wait to wear them out, too. It means i'm doing something right. Plus they're orange, orange is so totally badass right?

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