labor day weekend

this weekend we decided to not go camping and to instead have smaller adventures each day. day one we decided to have our one beach day of the summer at the jersey shore...
jersey shore
it completely sucked, it was almost comically bad. no waves at all, the water was only transparent until it was 3 inches deep and even that was visibly dirty and it was a million degrees with no sea breeze. rhode island, apparently your beaches are way above average. we drove 3 hours to get to this place, which was without any sort of question the worst beach either db or i had ever been to. instead of pouting about it we sat and ate the soggiest more gross domino's pizza we'd ever had (which probably means it was also the worst pizza ever) and stared at the brown water we were too grossed out by to even consider swimming in and started planning how to save the day once we got back home. of course, the answer was beer. the answer is ALWAYS beer. we were seriously at Worst Beach Ever for less than 20 minutes... jersey shore, you are dead to me. the beer and a Guatemalan restaurant we tried saved the day for sure, we played checkers at the table and saw a huge cockroach outside while listening to Jay Z at made in america fest a few miles down the road. we even drunkenly took uzo to the dog park at like 10:30pm and drank more beers there. lots of beer = lots of fun.

our next mini-adventure was a 27 mile bike ride db planned through the city to wissahickon park and up forbidden drive towards a brew pub someone told him was good (see? always beer)
forbidden drive
it was awesome. forbidden drive was gravel which was pretty epic and it was just legit huge jungle on either side for miles. i even rode up the longest hill of my life with minimal bitching. the bar we hunted down ended up being way hoity toity and we were sweaty and wearing cycling shoes, so basically everyone in there was jealous of how cool and stylish we were. when we were getting ready to leave we looked out the window and it was pouring. yay! it's getting dark, we had no lights and now it's raining! it was hilarious and we experienced something we hadn't felt since before we moved here, the feeling of being cold. short lived but novel. db even snapped a pic of me riding, i'm the black thing surrounded by other black things haha. it ended up being really really awesome, even with my almost immediate flat thanks to a huge piece of glass jamming it's way into my supposedly hardcore tire. as i was fixing it some guy walking by stopped and stared for a second and then made some comment about being surprised a girl knew how to fix a flat. yes sir, us females also have two hands and they can do more than cook you dinner. db pumped it though, i'm pretty sure he thinks i'll tear the valve stem off if i ever do it.
pump my flat bitch!
please db, make that face every time i take a picture of you.

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