center city

center city
and this post is sponsored by gross tasting candies wrapped in beautiful packaging.

what do you think these buildings contain? a bunch of boring nothing, paperwork, computers, ugly brown rug and plastic furniture? more likely than not. wouldn't it be nice if what was inside was full of things that are actually nice? i bet there are thousands of people that dread going to work in them everyday. monuments built to progress, i wonder what had to be destroyed to create them. giant pretty pillars of mixed messages as seen on an unassuming walk to the metro station.

sorry not many crafting posts lately. i hurt my hand at work and it's been hot on top of it so no knitting, and i still haven't pegged down a new belt for my sewing machine. who can complain when it's gorgeous outside though? i've just been living the life riding my bike and rolling in city grime, i hope you guys are all having a good spring so far too. happy weekend!

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