memorial day

the whips
i love long weekends. always. they have such a good vibe about them. memorial day is like the unofficial summer kickoff, everyone grills and drinks beer and the party is all about being outside which i am so into. this year we were trying to figure out what to do since we live in a new place and everyone has plans but us. every memorial day since db and i moved in together we've had a bike adventure so we decided to make up our own scavenger hunt around the city via bikes this year.

on the list:
eat a vegan treat
go to a new park and lay in the grass (bonus if we get to climb a tree)
sneak a drink in public
go to a new record store
draw a hopscotch on a busy sidewalk and leave a stone next to it
take a selfie
ride on a dirt road
get wet
skip stones

we didn't succeed in hitting them all (we missed the last 3 but we'll do them sometime) but we did pretty well for a late afternoon jaunt into old city. what we did end up doing...

selfie! right before sneaking drinks. just because i'm not posting pics doesn't mean it didn't happen.mem day selfie

chilled in a new park! i brought a helicopter my mom gave me just in case we found a good enough park to shoot it around in. it was a wild success even though the stupid thing stopped working after 5 seconds, that almost made it funnier.
growing up is for SUCKERS

then db drew an expert hopscotch and we had a hopscothoff, made friends with strangers walking by and left a little encouraging note next to it when we left. this was one i was pretty bummed about because i forgot chalk and was convinced we wouldn't be able to do it and for whatever reason it was the best sounding one to me. well i'll be damned in the park we chose some kids just abandoned their chalk! it was meant to be.db and his madd hopscotch drawing skillz hopscotchoff 2013 ...i'll spare you the blurry, strange pictures of us actually jumping around.

after hopscotchoff we went to a new record store a friend from work recommended called Repo Records. it was a good one, and i ended up nabbing Kid A on vinyl finally which is pretty amazing. we still haven't listened to it, but it's going to be awesome.

we also managed to get vegan treats in there! it wasn't in the same trip but we went to Little Baby's for ice cream/vegan ice cream with some friends and got probably the most epic ice cream toppings of my life, paprika pepitas. mind blown.

it was a fucking bomb weekend, i hope your memorial days were as much fun!

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